The Dreaded No


Arlene Ayirah

Think about that one person you really totally like and would want to keep them really close for the longest time possible. Regardless of if it’s the male or female gender,NO is usually an unpleasant answer. When a guy likes a lady you find them asking themselves… “what if she says no.”

So let’s figure out how we can deal with this. First off I like telling people…its never that serious. Sometimes it is but really we can always survive in the toughest of situations. If you ever get a NO from a lady, I would advice 2 things. First find out if the lady is playing hard to get,and if she is,pursue her because you will eventually conquer. Ladies love to be chased and men were created to chase. It’s in their nature. Two if she really is not interested it’s simple, accept and move on. Never…

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Author: Oj Kevin

Justified Truth Belief is my philosophy.

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