A little Crumb Of Upcountry Transport


The holidays bring with it family, presents and travelling. Over the holidays, I travelled with my mum and cousins to the upcountry. We Kenyans call it “ushago” or “shaggs”. It’s usually a trend with Kenyans to go to the upcountry especially during the December holidays. It gives people the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents and upcountry folks. Now, our family usually travels by means of a personal car but this time we decided to use the public transport buses. We left Nairobi at around 9.30 pm and after a very long drive, by 4.30am we had arrived.

images An upcountry market

Since I hadn’t seen my grandparents in a while, I decided to do some shopping for them, like the good grandchild that I am; milk, sugar, flour, bread, biscuits, juice you name it. The struggle came when I was carrying the heavy shopping on one hand and our luggage on the other hand…

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Author: Oj Kevin

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