Rants of a Silent Mind


I don’t rant much. Not that I don’t want to-trust me I want to whine about everything I find wrong. I find many things wrong: the way some people look at other people, the things they say about those people, the fact that the spiral of silence exists, the state of the economy-as cliche as this may sound, the list is endless.

The reason I don’t complain out loud is not that I’m afraid someone will think I’m a bummer. Neither is it that I’m afraid someone might think I’m a perfectionist. No. I barely see the point of it. Say, the state of the economy for instance. I want to tell off a shop manager for selling a kilo of flour for the price of two, I want to cry out to a grocery woman that there’s no way I’m buying a tomato for the price of three, or…

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Author: Oj Kevin

Justified Truth Belief is my philosophy.

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