I Hate to Love Again… 


I have wanted to wake up to the chirping of birds on my roof,
I have wanted to be raised by the alarm of the sun rays through the looking Glass on my desk,

I have wanted to switch life upside down and make sun raise at night and moon shine in the morning. I have wanted these because you have made me to.

When I touch you, the world changes to a mess,

Confusion disorients the system of my brain,

You create tension in the spinal of my brain,

And make me forget the moment that I am.
I wonder how you do it everyday,

Coz the last time I saw your spine I ran crazy,

I couldn’t stand to my toes,

Neither could I kneel my hands raised up high,

I almost thought I was blind.

But now you are gone, gone never to come back,

Where do…

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Author: Oj Kevin

Justified Truth Belief is my philosophy.

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