Possibility is the new perfect

[second from left] Hellen with her friends

Kevin Ojiambo

How funny my life is
Just as everything around me is
Taking a walk down memory lane
Then and now isn’t just the same

I remember her from back in primary
Though her being in my life then is kind of blurry
We never talked, laughed or even played together
Not that to any of us it was a bother
But that’s just how funny life is

That’s a time when we were simply pupils, classmates and playmates
At least those were the only categories then
When girls and boys had no difference apart from being human beings
Just as lime green and dark green are all GREEN

Few years down the line and technology made us meet again
It isn’t clear whether that’s a loss or gain
Since she was brought back to the picture
From the unclear past to the clear future

A future clear enough to know that I liked her
Though not sure if she felt the same
A future clear enough to see possibility
But does that make it more of a game?

Being the risk-taker that I am, I play the game
And seriously begin to search
Though I’m sure I’m not the only one who plays such
Fingers crossed that my experience won’t be part of a meme

Now we talk, we make jokes and laugh
But funny enough we have not met again since then
I cling to what is called possibility
’cause then maybe that possibility may be the ‘perfect us’