Multimedia does it again!

Multimedia university of Kenya rugby club celebrates after winning their Great rift 10s a-side second tire plate trophy.

Kevin Ojiambo

CONGRATULATIONS! to Multimedia university of Kenya for winning the second division plate trophy.
To them, the water is either cold or very cold in short, losing is never an option and this being only their first major tournament of the season, multimedia university seemed not to settle lower than the plate trophy. This was after winning narrowly against Northern suburbs 7-5.
Northern Suburbs took the lead after only six minutes of the game after a mistake caused in the rack that gave scram half Kevin Ojiambo no option but to watch the lose ball stolen by the opponent for a try in the middle that they failed to convert.
MMU came back with a try in the dying minutes of second half through a swift pass to the wing by Don Benzo to a growing youngster winger Calvin Orangi who surprisingly is on his first season with the team then converted by a tactical fly half Bill Mathenge to give MMU a lead.
it’s only their second appearance to this top fry Great Rift 10s a-aside tournament after a disappointing first time debut last year and they have really shown maturity by how they have played. Much credit to their captain Einstein Wamukoya and the whole squad as a whole.
“We are here to win, that’s my agenda, my players have shown improvement on each game and I believe in them,” said their coach Maurice Mbai before the tournament and indeed they delivered.
This was a great start for them and hope it will open ways for their Kenya university sports association(KUSA) which they finished overall at position five last year.

Could he be the fake prodigal son?

Pogba being consulted by his teammate after a match
Pogba being consulted by his teammate after a match.

Kevin Ojiambo

A for Andrea, B for Baloteli, C for Cristiano, D for Drogba… P for Pogba, Provocative, Plagiarized, Penalty, Poor, and Pathetic. That’s how the media operates, it builds your name in years and spoils it within seconds, just as easy as ABCD.

Few months ago it was, Pogback! The prodigal son! The dab master! Million dollar boy! The media made sure it gave him all the names that was available. Months later when Manchester united started performing poorly with numerous dismissal of the coach from the sideline, everything began to change.
All the good names from the media and the fans changed to negatives. This reminds me of the story of Peter and Jesus in the Bible- betrayal.
So, what if he could be the problem? This is the list question that almost none of the united fans would dare to think about given the amount of money they spent on him, but sometimes reality has to be told even though it hurts, he’s a good player but that was him while still at Juventus.
We all see, how he plays: with pride, he thinks that the opponent don’t exist. He wants to play with his pace and loses the ball at a very critical moment when the forwards have made critical runs. This is not how united plays from Ferguson’s era, it’s a team that likes to attack and stay with the ball as least as possible to avoid losing.
“He needs time and you will see the results” says most pundits, if so, how comes Zlatan Ibrahimovic has coped with the league within the least time as possible worse of all he came in a free transfer.
I’m not agaist united and I know things happen with a reason and that’s why there is a difference between class, experience and career. So, is Pogba worth the Value and is he sure?


Is football loosing its interest!!!



Kevin Ojiambo

Is football losing its interest? Recently the FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he hoped the 2018 World cup in Russia would be the first tournament to use the video replays technology.

This simply means the referee won’t be doing of much assistance given that the two video assistance referees will look at goals scored, penalties awarded, red cards and mistaken identities forgetting that all this is what arouses the fans and makes football more interesting.

The work of the referee will be to review the footage on the pitch side monitor for video replays to be able to make key decisions.