Hello Jesse

I am going to phrase my disappointment in as few words as possible. I am amazed with you. I would never have thought that you could sink to levels of being that petty.

Yes, I know I was not the best or easiest person to be with, but considering you professed your love for me on that bridge by the botanical garden, I thought I meant something to you. But your letter, long as it was, proves to me how much regard you had for me.

I am sorry if it was me that drove you to such an unmanly state. Truly, I am.

I am so disappointed by you. You blame it all on me. As if you didn’t take part in anything. But Jesse, it’s alright. I accept the blame. If only to stop you from becoming the child you are forming yourself into.

I am…

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Telltales of an idle mind

Campus Snapshots

Don Benzo

The other day I was holding court with the boys at one of the campus hostels, I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about but I am sure it was about  chillez because it is the university and men cannot leave on bread alone but on every knickers that he sheds. In campus as men we are not judged by the  content of our character or by the color of our skin (maybe a little by the color), we are judged by the number of our conquest and the depth of your pocket. I know, vanity will be our downfall.

Okay back to my story.

One of the guy retorted, “Maze, hizi vitu sisi huita umama zinakuaga form, kama udaku na lollipop”.  Thinking about it now, he was right. Men love gossip just as much as the ladies. If not more. Yeah men, I said it. You…

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I am disappointed in my father’s generation. In the generation that has taught most of my peers what we know and the beliefs we hold close. I am displeased by their preaching without action. That they have the audacity to tell of peace and prosperity when we saw first-hand what they did in the 2007-2008 aberrations that cost many their lives and had my fellow country people affected.

I am discontented by the words of my leaders when they say that we are united yet I still see people politically affiliated according to their own tribe. No…I was told it is “ethnic group” now, because tribe is too brute a word. I am saddened terribly when I still see a grandma being cruel to a daughter in-law because she does not belong to the same tribe as them. Yes…for this article, I will use this god forsaken word, if only…

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I Can’t Sleep No More 


My bones are burning like hell fire… My heart is calling and crying that you throw out some bucket of sympathy water… Ooh, so sweet…. No… So hot… I can’t resist but submit the feelings of crushing fingers, pinned against the wall while hot sweat drop to my toes….

Today I am finished, getting weak… May be weaker by this burning steam of sympathy water, draining all my strength through my nerves, peeling off the healing scars and warbling down the ripen boils. It would be better to remain in the burning fire, than weaken with the steam.

And when is today? It’s not a Friday, it’s not a Saturday, or a Wednesday. Perhaps tomorrow is a Monday, and work will be looking at me like cappuccino coffee. It will be hard to work on it because I will have memories of the smoke. My legs are not stretching any…

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Now comrades are having sex like rabbits…

Campus Snapshots

That there’s no longer keenness and scholarly sense in university education is no news. It’s also not news that key among the fuels driving former high school students through the university system of education is a burgeoning sexual appetite.
Yaani! Comrades are competing rabbits in having sex. Sex (to us), like farting or yawning, has become an impulse action to be actively acted upon. And unless you are a heifer or a cow — whose parents took to university for the sole purpose of being inseminated, girl, you have no reason — high on weed or hanjam — to spread those knees and do bad manners in your hostel room.

See Also: University student duped, beaten up by Mpesa agent

A year ago, before moving out of campus student residence, I shared a room with four jamaas. One we named The Butcher because he ‘ate’ his ‘meat’ raw. And like…

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I Hate to Love Again… 


I have wanted to wake up to the chirping of birds on my roof,
I have wanted to be raised by the alarm of the sun rays through the looking Glass on my desk,

I have wanted to switch life upside down and make sun raise at night and moon shine in the morning. I have wanted these because you have made me to.

When I touch you, the world changes to a mess,

Confusion disorients the system of my brain,

You create tension in the spinal of my brain,

And make me forget the moment that I am.
I wonder how you do it everyday,

Coz the last time I saw your spine I ran crazy,

I couldn’t stand to my toes,

Neither could I kneel my hands raised up high,

I almost thought I was blind.

But now you are gone, gone never to come back,

Where do…

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5 Types of Men The Campus Babe Detests

Campus Snapshots

Lavenda Amunga

Campus babes are becoming more and more expensive and demanding each day. In fact, with the rise in prices on consumables, the jamaas in campus are almost on their knees, hoping against all hope that the campus babes won’t come up with an ultimatum that is out of this world! It’s hilarious how men nowadays struggle to get a lady to utter a word. Worst is when they hit a dead end, you’ll hear them whisper among themselves, ” Ule manzi anajisikia sukari!” The common jamaa does not understand that the needs of a campus girl ought to be met. In order to fit into her wish list, there is usually a to-do list to be followed. There are a number of men that no campus babe would want to be associated with, so to get her talking, avoid being either of the following…

  1. The Crier


Trust me…

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