Friends And Weddings



It just dawned on me that many people are getting married. For me it’s a revelation in two dimensions. One is that relationships of men and women of God are working out no wonder the many weddings. People are going all the way in. Second part of this amazing revelation is that,my days are coming closer as well ( I share this joke with my friend Diana Wanja) that if it counts as a joke. I once upon a time got involved in a bridal shower. I didn’t even know things like this exist. I thought this was only for babies. So friends of the bride went out of their way to see to it that this lady gets some really amazing stuff for her new life. Also another friend is having a wedding in a few months and people are all out making arrangements of that big day. Dowry…

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Could he be the fake prodigal son?

Pogba being consulted by his teammate after a match
Pogba being consulted by his teammate after a match.

Kevin Ojiambo

A for Andrea, B for Baloteli, C for Cristiano, D for Drogba… P for Pogba, Provocative, Plagiarized, Penalty, Poor, and Pathetic. That’s how the media operates, it builds your name in years and spoils it within seconds, just as easy as ABCD.

Few months ago it was, Pogback! The prodigal son! The dab master! Million dollar boy! The media made sure it gave him all the names that was available. Months later when Manchester united started performing poorly with numerous dismissal of the coach from the sideline, everything began to change.
All the good names from the media and the fans changed to negatives. This reminds me of the story of Peter and Jesus in the Bible- betrayal.
So, what if he could be the problem? This is the list question that almost none of the united fans would dare to think about given the amount of money they spent on him, but sometimes reality has to be told even though it hurts, he’s a good player but that was him while still at Juventus.
We all see, how he plays: with pride, he thinks that the opponent don’t exist. He wants to play with his pace and loses the ball at a very critical moment when the forwards have made critical runs. This is not how united plays from Ferguson’s era, it’s a team that likes to attack and stay with the ball as least as possible to avoid losing.
“He needs time and you will see the results” says most pundits, if so, how comes Zlatan Ibrahimovic has coped with the league within the least time as possible worse of all he came in a free transfer.
I’m not agaist united and I know things happen with a reason and that’s why there is a difference between class, experience and career. So, is Pogba worth the Value and is he sure?


A little Crumb Of Upcountry Transport


The holidays bring with it family, presents and travelling. Over the holidays, I travelled with my mum and cousins to the upcountry. We Kenyans call it “ushago” or “shaggs”. It’s usually a trend with Kenyans to go to the upcountry especially during the December holidays. It gives people the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents and upcountry folks. Now, our family usually travels by means of a personal car but this time we decided to use the public transport buses. We left Nairobi at around 9.30 pm and after a very long drive, by 4.30am we had arrived.

images An upcountry market

Since I hadn’t seen my grandparents in a while, I decided to do some shopping for them, like the good grandchild that I am; milk, sugar, flour, bread, biscuits, juice you name it. The struggle came when I was carrying the heavy shopping on one hand and our luggage on the other hand…

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Possibility is the new perfect

[second from left] Hellen with her friends

Kevin Ojiambo

How funny my life is
Just as everything around me is
Taking a walk down memory lane
Then and now isn’t just the same

I remember her from back in primary
Though her being in my life then is kind of blurry
We never talked, laughed or even played together
Not that to any of us it was a bother
But that’s just how funny life is

That’s a time when we were simply pupils, classmates and playmates
At least those were the only categories then
When girls and boys had no difference apart from being human beings
Just as lime green and dark green are all GREEN

Few years down the line and technology made us meet again
It isn’t clear whether that’s a loss or gain
Since she was brought back to the picture
From the unclear past to the clear future

A future clear enough to know that I liked her
Though not sure if she felt the same
A future clear enough to see possibility
But does that make it more of a game?

Being the risk-taker that I am, I play the game
And seriously begin to search
Though I’m sure I’m not the only one who plays such
Fingers crossed that my experience won’t be part of a meme

Now we talk, we make jokes and laugh
But funny enough we have not met again since then
I cling to what is called possibility
’cause then maybe that possibility may be the ‘perfect us’

The Dreaded No


Arlene Ayirah

Think about that one person you really totally like and would want to keep them really close for the longest time possible. Regardless of if it’s the male or female gender,NO is usually an unpleasant answer. When a guy likes a lady you find them asking themselves… “what if she says no.”

So let’s figure out how we can deal with this. First off I like telling people…its never that serious. Sometimes it is but really we can always survive in the toughest of situations. If you ever get a NO from a lady, I would advice 2 things. First find out if the lady is playing hard to get,and if she is,pursue her because you will eventually conquer. Ladies love to be chased and men were created to chase. It’s in their nature. Two if she really is not interested it’s simple, accept and move on. Never…

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I love it,,,kudos


It is now that i see the coward i was
Hiding behind these bottles only made things worse
For the one i truly loved, i let life on its own guide
When she counted on me to be her only guide

It is now that i see when she is no more
When she can’t run crying to me anymore
I keep asking myself why was i too late
or will i still be a coward if i blamed fate?

In these bottles i sank and in them i got drunk
Drunk enough not to share in her pain
Drunk enough not to remove  in her the stain
And drunk enough to forever have her painful memories remain


I acted strong when all i was is nothing but a useless soul
From her all the life i stole
Left her empty without a lifetime goal
I say this…

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Why would a man chop,,,

Kevin Ojiambo

An angry man due to sex fulfillment frustrations
An angry man due to sex fulfillment frustrations

Men seem to have found another thing to blame apart from the one they are obviously known for- their partners.

Recently a man in India decided to chop of his manhood because he had lived for 10 years without sex.

Is the number of men increasing in all of a sudden? What I remember is that statistics from researchers all over the globe showed the number of men started decreasing from the day they declared to fight for girl child. How could have the reversed occurred without my knowledge!

Elsewhere somewhere in Tanzania a man as old as 75 years enough to be your grandparent with 11 kids and wives has gone back to the market advertising for a wife,funny world!

Lesson lesson to we men, let’s not assume that because the world is evolving to digital so will our responsibilities.There is no way a woman will waste her time coming to look for you,maybe if you are’James Bond’ but too bad there is only one of him.

Stop shaming other men who are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. The ‘wiener’ isn’t to be blames for your long ‘dry spell’from female gender. It’s so innocent and in a safe enclosed protected area that it does not know what goes on in the outside world.