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It is now that i see the coward i was
Hiding behind these bottles only made things worse
For the one i truly loved, i let life on its own guide
When she counted on me to be her only guide

It is now that i see when she is no more
When she can’t run crying to me anymore
I keep asking myself why was i too late
or will i still be a coward if i blamed fate?

In these bottles i sank and in them i got drunk
Drunk enough not to share in her pain
Drunk enough not to remove  in her the stain
And drunk enough to forever have her painful memories remain


I acted strong when all i was is nothing but a useless soul
From her all the life i stole
Left her empty without a lifetime goal
I say this…

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Why would a man chop,,,

Kevin Ojiambo

An angry man due to sex fulfillment frustrations
An angry man due to sex fulfillment frustrations

Men seem to have found another thing to blame apart from the one they are obviously known for- their partners.

Recently a man in India decided to chop of his manhood because he had lived for 10 years without sex.

Is the number of men increasing in all of a sudden? What I remember is that statistics from researchers all over the globe showed the number of men started decreasing from the day they declared to fight for girl child. How could have the reversed occurred without my knowledge!

Elsewhere somewhere in Tanzania a man as old as 75 years enough to be your grandparent with 11 kids and wives has gone back to the market advertising for a wife,funny world!

Lesson lesson to we men, let’s not assume that because the world is evolving to digital so will our responsibilities.There is no way a woman will waste her time coming to look for you,maybe if you are’James Bond’ but too bad there is only one of him.

Stop shaming other men who are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. The ‘wiener’ isn’t to be blames for your long ‘dry spell’from female gender. It’s so innocent and in a safe enclosed protected area that it does not know what goes on in the outside world.

Is football loosing its interest!!!



Kevin Ojiambo

Is football losing its interest? Recently the FIFA President Gianni Infantino said he hoped the 2018 World cup in Russia would be the first tournament to use the video replays technology.

This simply means the referee won’t be doing of much assistance given that the two video assistance referees will look at goals scored, penalties awarded, red cards and mistaken identities forgetting that all this is what arouses the fans and makes football more interesting.

The work of the referee will be to review the footage on the pitch side monitor for video replays to be able to make key decisions.